It's not often that a restaurant makes a big deal over a new HVAC system.

But in the case of Mama Bird, it's a cause for celebration. Three weeks ago, the new health-conscious chicken restaurant from chef Gabriel Pascuzzi closed after several of its neighbors in Slabtown complained about the smoke coming from its wood-fired oven.

On Oct. 27, Mama Bird's shut down temporarily so it could install a new industrial scrubber to remove particulate matter from the smoke—at a total cost of $160,000 for parts and labor, according to the restaurant's landlord.

Mama Bird is reopening this Friday, and to mark the occasion, the restaurant is offering what could be construed as an olive branch to the surrounding community: free chicken.

IMAGE: Courtesy of Mama Bird.
IMAGE: Courtesy of Mama Bird.

The restaurant will give 600 quarter chicken plates starting at 11 am on Nov. 15. The plates—a half chicken breast, half leg and half wing, plus house-made sauce—will be available while supplies last.

Mama Bird is located at 2145 NW Raleigh St.