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Meat Madness Is Back! The Steak Sale That Caused Chaos in Downtown Portland Will Return, in a More Orderly Fashion This Time.

The last time, hundreds of cars jammed West Burnside Street, as some customers began complaining about cutters and TriMet buses got stuck in the mess.

The flash steak sale that clogged downtown with cars and forced the police to respond is happening again—only this time, organizers are taking precautions to avert more chaos.

Three weeks ago, RingSide Steakhouse announced it would sell its dry-aged steaks and other meats to the public at discounted prices for the first time in its seven-decade history.

Unfortunately, the public decided to show up all at once, creating a mile of gridlock on West Burnside Street. As police officers tried to help untie the knot of vehicles, some customers in line began complaining about cutters, and TriMet buses got stuck in the mess.

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RingSide is once again offering customers the chance to snap up its prime cuts of meat—but this time, buyers must preorder online before proceeding to the business's parking lot to pick them up.

The new method should prevent the bedlam of late April. If you're interested in stocking your freezer, you'll need to hop online Thursday, May 14. That is the only day RingSide is taking orders for Saturday pickup.

This time, the restaurant is offering more cuts of everything from frozen New Yorks to pork chops by the case, as well as a grill kit that includes two raw 8-ounce prime filets, all the fixings for the sides, and even dessert, for $88.

Customers will get a designated time and parking spot to pick up their order. RingSide staff will all be wearing masks and changing gloves between each guest—all of whom are asked to stay in their cars.