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The Top Five Places to Get Delivery or Takeout This Week

Quarantined Hot Plates, coming through!

1.  Apizza Scholls

4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503-233-1286,

You could consider Apizza Scholls ground zero for Portland's rise to prominence as a pizza town. The classic among classics—the one to make sure to scratch off a bucket list of Portland dinners—is the Sausage & Mama ($26), named after the Mama Lil's Kick Butt pickled goathorn peppers spread across the dough, along with sausage served crumble style. It is a wondrous combination.

How to order: Call the restaurant.

2.  Ichiza Kitchen

1628 SW Jefferson St., 503-702-8374,

Ichiza is a fully vegan pan-Asian restaurant, serving utterly fresh plant-based renditions of classics dishes from Korea, the Philippines, Japan and China. There are plenty of noodles if that's your thing, but the blow-away dish is Ichiza's Mapo Tofu, an all-day prep of steamed tofu and deep, complex, tingly chile sauce served with cooling rice and cucumbers.

How to order: See website.

3.  Quaintrelle

3936 N Mississippi Ave., 503-200-5787,

Bar manager Camille Cavan says she's a gift-giver by nature, and her latest creation is a much-needed present to a stressed-out city: a DIY cocktail kit. The $20 boxes contain all the ingredients to make four servings of a mixed drink—with the exception of the alcohol. As for the food, the takeout menu rotates, but recent offerings have included buttermilk fried chicken, braised lamb shank and "Dope Ass Fried Rice."

How to order: Call the restaurant or see website. Also available for delivery through Caviar and Tock.

4.  Oma’s Takeaway (aka Gado Gado)

3004 E Burnside St., 503-206-8778,

Like other restaurants that have abruptly pivoted to new models in the wake of the coronavirus, the co-owners of Gado Gado briefly considered selling family-style meals that could be completed at home but decided to return to what they knew best: fragrant, fiery and rib-sticking Asian American mashups, now served under the name Oma's Takeaway. One item is a plate of green beans and brisket, which is brined in brown sugar, salt, Shaoxing wine and water, then smoked for eight to 10 hours, and topped with a savory fried egg.

How to order: See website for pickup, or order delivery through Caviar.

5.  Matt’s BBQ Tacos

3207 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503-956-7455,

Another outlet for Matt Vicedomini's smoked meats—and much easier to get into your mouth right now than his regular barbecue offerings—Matt's BBQ Tacos successfully pilfers Austin's greatest cultural export: the breakfast taco. Smoky-sweet proteins are crammed into a flour tortilla on a bed of fried potatoes, cheddar and scrambled eggs. Our top pick is the brisket, which is packed with the pitmaster's trademark notes of brass and wood, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture and just the perfect amount of char on the edges.

How to order: See website.