Ever get hit with a sudden urge for a hot, fresh, post-dinner bagel? Well, you’ve now got a hookup.

Henry Higgins, one of Portland’s most popular boiled bagel purveyors, is expanding its weekend hours in order to offer its bready delights to the public straight out of the oven. They’re calling it “After Hours with Henry Higgins.”

This month, the shop’s bakery location at 523 NE 19th Ave. will open from 7 to 9 pm Friday through Saturday to sell freshly baked bagels that would otherwise get sold in the morning.

“I think a hot bagel is a special life experience that lots of people never get to have—I’m trying to change that,” said owner Leah Orndoff in a press release. “Bring the hot bread to the people!”

The new hours start next week, on Friday, June 11. Nature is truly healing.