The Choco Taco Is Dead. All Hail the Chocolate Tacolate!

Salt & Straw is reviving its popular taco-shaped treat just after Klondike announced it was discontinuing the childhood classic.

As millions across the nation eulogize the Choco Taco on social media, while also scouring convenience store freezer cases for any remaining packages of the beloved treat, we here in Oregon can take a breath and a pause from sheer ice cream panic.

Salt & Straw has got you covered.

The 10-year-old local brand announced July 26 it is bringing back its limited-edition Chocolate Tacolate—essentially a gussied-up version of the mass-produced childhood classic that is being discontinued.

Klondike, owned by Unilever, announced Monday it had halted production of the Choco Taco in order to meet increased demand for other products in its portfolio. To which we say, the first item on the chopping block should have been the year-old line of Klondike Shakes, which come in a medicinal-like pouch that you’re apparently supposed to suck dry from an unappealing spigot after waiting for it to thaw.

When the news broke, fans of the taco-shaped dessert immediately took to the internet to both vent and lament—it has, after all, been around since 1983 when Alan Drazen created them in Philadelphia. And during another downer of a summer that’s been defined by inflation, yet more COVID variants, and divisive social issues, learning about the demise of a wholesome, nostalgic treat is yet another gut punch.

Which is why news of the revival of Salt & Straw’s take feels like a warm hug in the form of a cold delicacy. Its sweet tacos feature a handmade waffle cone that serves as the shell, which is stuffed with cinnamon ancho ice cream, then dipped in single-origin chocolate and sprinkled with flaky salt.

“We realize how exciting this product is for ice cream fans,” Tyler Malek, Salt & Straw co-founder and head ice cream maker, stated in a press release. “It captured a certain zeitgeist that has such relevance for so many, and we want to ensure it doesn’t go away. Our limited edition is handmade, and captures the level of intent and thoughtfulness that we put in all our ice cream. We can’t wait to share it again.”

Unfortunately, Salt & Straw won’t save summer by immediately churning out Chocolate Tacolates—they’re scheduled to debut well after Labor Day, on Oct. 4, in celebration of National Taco Day. But, hey, that’s two things to look forward to: the return of fancy Choco Tacos and a holiday where you’re encouraged to eat tortillas loaded with meat and cheese.