Portland Rewards Its Long-Suffering Residents With Amazing Places to Eat

Jason Cohen is leaving town, but he dropped some culinary tips on the way out.

What’s your favorite thing to eat in Portland?

Is it an artisan doughnut from your neighborhood baker? Maybe it’s a sloppy sandwich from the deli around the corner. Or maybe it’s the ripe summer blackberry you pluck from the horribly invasive bush in your own backyard. Personally, I have loved all of the above and more, because for all the bullshit this city puts us through, damn, there are some boss places to eat.

This week’s issue of WW is a love letter to Portland’s ever-changing, constantly evolving, never-the-same food scene. Whether it’s cart pods or food halls or vegan fast food, Portland is a trendsetter with countless “perfect dining days.” This week, my podcast guest is contributor Jason Cohen, whose WW food reviews have been activating my salivary glands for a minute.

Jason and I chat about his contribution to this week’s cover package, a tantalizing roundup of Portland’s newest, culinary hot spots, as well what he’ll miss most about Portland food’s scene as he prepares for a cross-country move.

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