Nine of the food carts at Carts on Foster were broken into last night, according to manager Steve Woolard. He says that although very little was stolen, the thieves left a trail of ripped-down doors and broken windows.

Woolard says that the thieves used some of Carts on Foster's own tools, including a crow bar and some screwdrivers, to break in. And whoever the thieves are, they appear to have been content to go home mostly empty handed, since they didn't even bother to snag his beers.

However, the robbers apparently have a soft spot for the King of Rock and Roll: They stole a collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia from Salon Bucci, which is part of the Carts on Foster pod.

All in all it's been a rough week for food carts on Foster: Eight of the 10 food carts at Portland Mercado were either vandalized or broken into last Sunday, October 23, which has Woolard wondering if the Mercado vandals are the same people who hit his carts.

While Woolard unplugs some of his security cameras at night, he says some of them were left on during the robbery, although he has yet to sort through the footage.