Anybody who's tried to get a delicious, ridiculously stacked Stoopid Burger at their cart on Williams this month, take heart: They're not gone, they just went inside. Stoopid Burger is now a brick and mortar restaurant.

The cart, which we named our favorite old-school burger spot in the city in a massive taste-off of 64 burger joints, has moved into the old Slowburger space in the Ocean food mall on Northeast 24th Avenue and Glisan Street. The soft opening of John Hunt and Danny Moore's burger spot was November 1.

The prices have gone up a few bucks, but so have the portions: The already brobdingnagian Stoopid Burger—stacked with beef, bacon, ham, a hot link, and egg, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles—is somehow even bigger now, though it's amped the price to $15.75 as well, served up with fries.

For the economical, the much simpler Boring Burger is still an easy $7—although it'll be interesting to see if Stoopid makes a middle ground on pricing and size between the $15 feasts and the $7 simple burgers.

But the menu has already expanded a bit: There are now 12 burger options including a "wacky chicken burger," a veg burger, a pinapple-topped dummyaki and a massive $40 "Ignorant Burger" that we'll have to see to believe: Three patties, three cheeses, bacon, ham, hotlink, 2 eggs, steak, grilled onions, jalapeños, mushrooms, pineapple mango habanero chutney, onion ring and either a chicken strip or fried fish. Plus fries.

Chicken strip and fish n chip baskets are also in the house, as are hoagies both po'boy (chicken, fish or shrimp) and rich boy (grilled chicken or steak). Beer, say the owners, is coming, but it'll take a few weeks to get OLCC approval.

Anyway, Stoopid burgers are good and you should eat them. Here's the menu.