Even as Portland has turned into a giant slushie machine, National Margarita Day is not really a holiday celebrated in Oregon. The February timing seems to imply the holiday was started in Australia.

But there's apparently one blazing exception.

Get to the downtown or Northeast Sandy Voodoo Doughnut locations while supplies last today and you can pick up a free tequila-infused, margarita-style doughnut.

The Jose Cuervo x Voodoo doughnuts may be viewed as a sign of the increasing corporatization of Voodoo since they were bought into heavily by a private equity firm. But they are  also free tequila doughnuts. So there's that.

The lime-dusted, white-sprinkled doughnuts are topped with both vanilla frosting and a tequila-and-lemon jelly—those sugary sprinkles are apparently meant to evoke the salt rim on a margarita, though they really just look a lot like sprinkles on a lemon-lime doughnut, charmingly outfitted with a lime-shaped candy and a straw should you like to slurp the tequila jelly.

Margarita doughnuts will be $2.50 throughout the weekend, but—you know—free today. It's crappy out there, so if you're near one of the five Portland Voodoo locations there might not even be a lime.