Sorry, Ryan Reynolds, but there's a new celebrity investor in town—and while you're funny and all, you just can't compete.

That's because the Most Electrifying Man in Popular Entertainment, Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, is now an investor in the city's biggest ice cream maker, Salt & Straw.

It was announced this week that the actor and his business partner, Dany Garcia, have acquired an ownership stake in the company—the specific amount is undisclosed—which includes a "strategic partnership role" in assisting with the brand's continued expansion efforts.

"I have long-admired the craft and creativity of this company, and the way it has earned a loyal following with their thoughtfulness for the customer experience," Garcia wrote on Instagram. "And not to mention, Salt & Straw was the first thing I reached for after my competition diet came to a close!!"

The Rock himself has yet to comment, but Salt & Straw has announced it will soon release a special line of flavors inspired by Johnson's non-denominational holiday alter-ego, "Dwanta Claus." No details on what that will entail, but knowing Salt & Straw, it'll probably be some combination of, like, peppermint, protein powder and actual rocks.