After years of late-night deliveries to those in the sex work and service industry, Meals 4 Heels has opened a restaurant.

Meals 4 Heels was founded in 2019 by Nikeisah Newton as a way to bring nutritious, vegetable-heavy food to Portland strippers whose late-night options were previously limited to fast food.

The service frequents clubs from deep Southeast out to the West Hills and has garnered attention from local and national press. But until recently, the business wasn’t open to the general public, with Newton preparing and delivering the meals entirely by herself.

Now, Meals 4 Heels has daytime hours. And today, Newton opened her first restaurant.

“My core customers and their well-being always comes first,” Newton said in a press release. “But I’m excited about this new space and the potential to reach more customers with locally sourced flavors and clean eating.”

Located in the Redd on Salmon Street, the walk-up window is open during lunch hours Monday through Friday. The initial menu includes housemade sodas and six vegan and vegetarian dishes, like the popular apple, plantain and green rice Freegan Vegan, plus new offerings like the cauliflower, truffled tomatoes and glass noodles Gettin That Paper.

Meals 4 Heels will continue to offer late-night deliveries to Portland sex workers and service industry workers, though its orders have decreased over the past year since many clubs are closed due to the pandemic. Newton also plans to start offering delivery to the general public via CCC PDX by this summer.