Next month, you'll be able to honor the feel-good NBA team of the 2015-16 season everywhere you drive with a Trail Blazers license plate.

Starting Sept. 1, drivers can apply for the specialty Blazers license plate. In addition to regular title, registration and plate fees, the Blazers plate will cost an extra $40, which will go to the Trail Blazers Foundation. Kate Brown signed a bill allowing the creation of the state's newest vanity plate last year.

The design uses the classic "Oregon" lettering that's the same as the standard plate, and adds a Blazers logo, Rip City logo and "TB" letters.

The plate joins the other 36 plates allowed on Oregon vehicles. Thirty-six! Did you know about these?

Unfortunately, the DMV cannot reserve specific number-letter configurations for license plates, so don't expect to be able to get "DAME TIM3," "BEAT LA" or "SHEED420."