CJ McCollum is currently waiting in the airport for a two and a half hour delay.

He's a loyal Delta customer, but "damn." At 2:53, he tweeted that since he has "Mad free time," he'll be doing an Q&A. He received 593 replies.

From just a quick scroll, we learned the CJ's favorite Portland restaurants are Departure, Oswego Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW), Ringside, Tasty n Sons, Piazza Italia and El Gaucho.

We also learned that his favorite cartoons are Dragon Ball Z, the Wild Thornberry's and Kim Possible, among others.

He also thinks the new Kendrick album has a "good message, solid lyrics and great vibes," that he hasn't been hiking yet, but his girl is "gonna make me this summer though" and that if he wasn't a basketball player, he'd be a "stay at home dad."

But nothing beats this. We'll just leave it here:

Apparently the delay didn't last two and a half hours. At 3:28 pm, McCollum tweeted that "delta got its act together," but says he thinks he'll answer questions whenever he flies. Bless up.