Vancouver, B.C. is not happy with Portland Timbers fans.

In a Daily Hive piece titled "Portland fans need to stop disrespecting Canada during our national anthem," sports editor Rob Williams writes that Portland fans are disrespectful of the Canadian national anthem during games between the Timbers and the Vancouver Whitecaps this past weekend.

He writes:

During every break in the song, the hoppy beer hipsters shout “eh.” It’s a bit much. It’s also not the first time they’ve done it. They seem obsessed with the fact that Canadians say ‘eh.’ Like many Americans, they haven’t got a clue when or how to use it.

He goes on to include videos of Timbers fans yelling during the Canadian national anthem over singer Marie Hui's voice, which actually is pretty obnoxious, especially considering the fact that the team is holding a Cascadia flag, which represents both the entire Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

He continues:

Poking fun at Canada during the singing of O Canada shows a lack of class. Do whatever you want during your own anthem, but show some respect for ours. Can you imagine the reaction if a bunch of Canadians started yelling during the Star Spangled Banner? “Oh, say can you see… UH HUH! By the dawn’s early light.. YA’LL!”

Timbers fans also made signs making fun of Canadian bacon, which didn't bother Williams.

Online responses have been mixed, with many Timbers fans arguing that it's not disrespectful.

The Timbers could not be reached for comment. The Timbers Army has no comment at this time.