Rasheed Wallace’s Crib Has Become a Ghost Mansion. This Is What It Looks Like Now.

It's about to go back on the market. Take a virtual tour.

Thirteen years ago, the famously talented and infamously abrasive Rasheed Wallace left Portland for the Detroit Pistons. Since then, Wallace's sprawling Dunthorpe home has stood vacant, periodically appearing in newspaper stories about unpaid property taxes.

It's quite a home.

In 2002, two years after Wallace bought it (from the daughter of former Portland Mayor Frank Ivancie), the 1924 mansion showed up on MTV's Cribs. The home has a five-car garage, five fireplaces, five full and three half baths and a swimming pool. Wallace also showed an MTV interviewer his 1996 Ford Bronco.

"A lot of my teammates call me O.J.," he told the camera, referring to O.J. Simpson's nationally televised, slow-motion flight from Los Angeles police in a Ford Bronco in 1994.

Multnomah County records show the former player—now 43—hasn't made a property tax payment since 2013. His tab currently stands at $251,369.

Wallace earned $158 million in his 16-year NBA career, which may explain the lack of urgency around his property, which he last tried to sell in 2007.

But the final chapter of the Jail Blazers era may soon be here. Agent Mimi McCaslin of Christie's International Real Estate and Luxe Platinum Properties will list the house next month at $3.2 million.

McCaslin says Wallace has been great to work with.

"He's incredibly straightforward," she says, "and he does what he says he's going to do."

Here is what Wallace's house looks like now. We obtained the photos from Multnomah County records, previous real estate listings and a drone that flew over the property today.