It is Damian Lillard's time. We're just living in it.

If Portland seems brighter, happier, or more confident today, that's because Dame fulfilled what now feels like his destiny: disintegrating Russell Westbrook and his trash-talking Thunder teammates with a nearly half-court stepback jumper, then literally waving goodbye to them before leaping into a pile of delirious Portland Trail Blazers. Then he looked up at a TV camera with a knowing glare, like Jim Halpert after a murder.

Dame looks at camera. (NBCSportsNW)
Dame looks at camera. (NBCSportsNW)

It's the coolest thing we've ever seen. We should probably spend the rest of the day watching it.

It's not every day a man ascends into heaven on national television, but if you're wondering if it really happened: It did. There's so much footage.

Here's every camera angle we could find of The Shot. We'll add more if you send them.

As called by Brian Wheeler:

From four TNT cameras:

The way the camera follows us in slo-mo, the way we look to a star:

From courtside:

From the 300-level seats:

Dame's sister was hyped:

The team compiled its own reel of Moda angles:

One hour later, the arena was empty, and broadcaster Lamar Hurd was still staring at the site of the shot: