As Portland waits to see if the Trail Blazers' blissful postseason run lasts another day, civic institutions are hurrying to announce their Rip City connections.

Biketown, the Portland bike-share program, announced this afternoon it's debuting bright red Blazers bicycles. The bike is dubbed the "Rip City Rider," and it's a striking red hue—conveniently color-coordinated for Antifa parties or school walkouts.

"With parking capacity for more than 300 bikes at the Rose Quarter," said Christa Stout, the Trail Blazers vice president for social responsibility, "we've always encouraged our fans to consider alternate means of transportation to Trail Blazers games and other events."

Meanwhile, the Oregon Zoo officially declared it has a new basketball-dunking otter. Her name is Juno, and she is the successor to Eddie, the geriatric sea otter who received physical therapy for his arthritis by slamming.

Eddie died in December. The Oregonian broke the news of Juno's training this week, and the zoo sent out an announcement this morning.

"She's got swag," said zookeeper Amy Hash in a statement. "She has a ton of energy and enthusiasm, and she brings her own special flair to basketball practice."

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