No one knows when or if the NBA season will resume. But whenever basketball starts back up again, Damian Lillard plans to take his game to Rock N' Jock levels of absurdity.

In an appropriately socially distanced conversation with Inside the NBA's Ernie Johnson, Dame made it clear that when it comes to his already audacious shooting range, he wants to push that "Logo Lillard" thing back a few feet.

"I can pull up from half-court comfortably," he says. "I'm gonna do it in one of these games—literally from the half-court line. Watch."

The only reason he hasn't started doing it yet, Lillard says, is basically because it might freak the league out too much. He's told coach Terry Stotts it's going to happen, too.

"He was like, 'Well, I used to get mad when you shot those deep threes, and now you make 'em,'" he says.

That tidbit—some might call it a warning—is part of 30-minute conversation covering everything from fatherhood to tattoos to religion to rapping with Shaq to how he's been dealing with quarantine. He also gets introspective while talking about some of the biggest shots of his career. Oh, and there's a Dame Jr. cameo as well.

Watch it here: