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Lucas Foster Will Help You Play Football for the Ducks

The Headcase VR founder and Hollywood vet developed VR tech that can put you inside real football games

Have you ever wanted to play football for the Ducks or Beavers in front of 50,000 screaming fans? Lucas Foster and his new company Headcase VR have made that dream into a virtual reality.

Based in Portland and Los Angeles, Headcase VR is making huge waves in Hollywood with their VR camera and production technology. Their biggest project so far is their Pac-12 Football experience, which immerses users into real Pac-12 football games in full 360° view of real fans and real opponents. He's coming to the TechFestNW 2016 main stage with his talk about his experience in bringing college football, basketball and more to life: A Journey Into the Virtual Reality of Sports.

Foster came to Headcase VR as a longtime veteran of both the big and little screen. If you like explosions, chances are Lucas Foster made some of your favorite ones happen.

Foster has produced or supervised more than 50 feature films including Bad Boys, Enemy of the State and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. If that sounds like a big deal, it is: Foster's films have grossed over $3 billion worldwide.

Join Lucas Foster and our other excellent speakers at TechFestNW 2016: April 25-26 at The Armory in Portland, Oregon's Pearl District. For more information or tickets to TFNW, visit techfestnw.com.