Joshua Reich started Simple when he recognized a problem with the American banking system: banks make money when their customers make mistakes. The solution: start a company that makes personal finance as transparent as possible.

The solution worked. Reich proved he knew how to turn an everyday problem into a successful business venture, selling Simple to Spanish multinational BBVA for $117 million in 2014. Today, Simple has hundreds of thousands of customers, and Reich is revolutionizing the way that people spend money out of Simple's Pearl District headquarters. Reich will be bringing his insights into building culture within a successful startup to the TechFestNW 2016 main stage with his talk: The Difference Between a Keg and Culture: The importance of shared values in the workplace.

Simple lets you control your personal finances from your smartphone. Simple's customers get a debit card, a FDIC-insured checking account and an app that lets them do classic banking stuff like depositing (via your smartphone camera) and mailing checks, transferring funds and paying people without any of the "waiting in line," "fees" or "closing hours" that come with traditional banks.

Simple has some bells and whistles too. The Simple app responds to your financial behavior to help you budget and plan to reach your financial goals. They've also got a customer support team you can call or message whenever to answer your questions.

Joshua Reich: People say they need complexity, but what they want is simplicity

Reich co-founded Simple in Brooklyn, New York in 2009, moving to Portland in 2011. By focusing on helping their customers manage their finances in a way that helps helps them worry less about money, Simple has built a loyal and growing base and now manages over $60 million in customer accounts.

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