Anarghya Vardhana graduated from Stanford only six years ago. But she's responsible for a lot more money than most people will ever make in their entire lives.

Vardhana is a senior associate at the Seattle and Bay Area-based venture capital firm Maveron. Founded in 1998 by legendary investors Dan Levitan and Howard Schultz, Maveron made its name and money by specializing in consumer startups that incorporate technology into their products. Businesses you may have heard of, like eBay.

Vardhana has a very specific job, one that is very important. She works with frontier technology: an emerging field that pushes the limits of existing tech into the unknown.

In her previous role at San Francisco's Rothenburg Ventures, Vardhana worked with River, the fund's mentorship program that works with startups in realms like space exploration, virtual and augmented reality, machine learning and other sci-fi stuff, helping entrepreneurs turn exploratory businesses into reality. There, Vardhana developed an expertise in VR and AR startups, becoming a thought leader in startups working to push the limits of that technology.

Now, Vardhana has the difficult job of figuring out which boundary-pushing startups Maveron should invest in. Vardhana is coming to the TechFestNW 2016 main stage to share her insights with her talk: Pioneering the Tech Frontier.

Prior to Maveron and Rothenburg, Vardhana worked for Google's operations and international expansion team, and was a project manager at non-profit software startup Ushahidi. Before Stanford, Vardhana attended Beaverton's Jesuit High School.

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