A new documentary series aimed at showcasing women in tech debuted part of its Portland-filmed first episode at TechfestNW today.

Chasing Grace addresses the comparatively small population of women in tech. The show's executive director Jennifer Cloer says there are fewer women choosing technology careers than ever before, and women are leaving the field at a higher rate than men.

"It's more important than ever that women and men build systems together," Cloer said, "otherwise the future will be more exclusive than it is now."

Portland women in tech are the focus of the series' first episode. That episode, which was previewed in part at TechfestNW today, profiles wage gaps that local women are attempting to dismantle.

"When I found out that a new entry-level employee was making more than me, I went to my boss right away," one of the episode's interviewees said. "His response was to say, 'Well, he's going to work very hard.' So I said 'Fuck you,' and walked out."

The new show isn't yet available online, as producers are still in conversation with aggregators like Hulu and Netfilx. But look for the first Portland-filmed episode soon.