TechfestNW Announces the Second Round of Accepted Startups for PitchfestNW

The competition for PitchfestNW bragging rights—and prizes—just got a little stiffer.

TechfestNW, Portland's annual festival for entrepreneurs and startups, just announced the second group of startups admitted to PitchfestNW.

The 41 startups in this round join the initial 75 startups accepted to make the largest ever PitchfestNW class. Startups will pitch during TechfestNW, which takes place April 4-5 at the Viking Pavilion at Portland State University. (Sign up for emails here so you are the first to know when TechfestNW speakers are announced and tickets go on sale later this month.)

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"We were impressed with the number of quality applications in this second round," says PitchfestNW Director Sarah Nanbu. "It's great to see more health tech companies, as well as a number of smart transit and clean tech startups."

PitchfestNW is still accepting and reviewing applications on a rolling basis. The application can be found here.

Here are the startups that have been accepted into the second round:

Afrikan Clothing Co. is a social impact fashion brand creating opportunities for women to transform their communities.

ROAM Fitness, based in Eugene, is an airport gym & health club that allows savvy young professionals to board their next flight feeling happy, healthy, and productive.

AnimalBiome, based in Oakland, helps you understand your pet's gut microbiome and give you the tools you need to improve their health.

Before Software develops simple products and services for people who want to use technology more mindfully and less frequently.

Cardinal, based in Seattle, 3D prints smart tires for the next generation of transportation.

Chargeway software gives consumers and industry stakeholders an easier way to understand how electric cars can work for everyone's transportation needs.

Chupt provides affordable and accessible vegan meals via a series of technology driven pods around the city.

Columbia Basin Consulting Group, based in Kennewick, is building a Grid-Scale Storage Battery to facilitate the economic operations of renewable energy systems.

Dorsum is a company committed to solving the problem of back pain by creating products that promote postural spinal alignment.

Eber Health is accelerating the world's transition from diagnostic care towards preventive care by offering convenient in-home visits.

Square Off accompanies live sports and brings the game of Football Squares online, for all sports.

EscaVox, based in Melbourne, is transforming food supply chains to improve decision-making, reduce food waste, and increase food safety.

FriendlySniff is a pet tech company developing a line of pet training products in Bend.

HERstory is a digital platform that educates and empowers women to know their cancer risks in order to demand and receive quality care.

Prolaera is an online learning platform focused on the required Continuing Education industry based in Seattle.

LocalDawgs is a mobile app that connects pet owners with each other to exchange pet sitting instead of money.

Loqus, based in Vancouver, is an AR platform that helps field teams visualize and collaborate on location-based information.

Masa is a location-based marketplace for farmers to sell directly to nearby consumers.

Meddle, based in Seattle, is a dating app that lets your friends swipe for you.

More Cowbell Unlimited is developing process mining cloud software technologies for governments and businesses.

Oebalus applies computer vision technology to shooting sports.

Oregon Automation specializes in Smart Water technology to manage every drip and drop.

Pacific Diabetes Technologies is actively developing an integrated solution for glucose sensing and insulin delivery.

PhotoPad, based in Seattle, is a design tool for businesses to create visual graphics to tell brand stories in social media campaigns and blogs.

Plover is building an automated carwash machine that uses computer vision and modern robotics to achieve a 1-minute, chemical-free carwash.

PreAct leverages existing vehicle sensors and infrastructure to predict and prepare a vehicle and its occupants for an imminent crash.

Retrolux, based in Boise, is the leading lighting and controls sales platform, built by and for the lighting industry.

RUTE designs and sells foundation assembles to wind farm builders.

Shared Technologies is a peer-to-peer car sharing app, based in Tacoma.

SHB Power Plant Engineering is building a biomass-boiler system that allows you to convert intractable fuels into carbon-neutral energy.

Sheets & Giggles is a pun-based, eco-friendly bedding brand, located in Denver.

SQWAD helps sports teams and events connect sponsors to fans digitally through mobile games.

Stark Street Materials produces high performance X-ray shielding materials for the medical, veterinary, and dental industries.

Sujjest is a Seattle- and Minneapolis-based brainstorming and decision-making tool that focuses on personal connections.

ThreshingFloor helps you identify high-risk cybersecurity threats by filtering out the massive volume of alerts that are just background noise.

TOUGHER is a women-only workwear brand, owned by and led by the female worker based in Corvallis.

TrovaTrip is a platform that enables topic influencers to monetize their following by hosting group trips & retreats around the globe.

Tutortree is a Eugene-based student tutor connection platform for on-campus college tutoring.

The Wild is a collaboration platform for designers to create and share immersive experiences.

XS Spaces is a platform for people to rent out the extra space in their homes or business to people who need storage.

YIMBY builds small backyard homes that are beautiful, sustainable, and affordable.

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