The winner of Pitchfest 2019 is Goodwell Co.

The company creates environmentally conscious oral hygiene products that empower people to "make a sustainable choice in their daily oral care routines," its website says. It offers toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, accessories and something called the Be.Brush, "the world's first non-electric powered toothbrush."

Goodwell Co. was selected by 27 judges from among a record crop of 129 startups, including 7 foreign startups.

"The judges were all in agreement that this was the best quality of pitches that we've seen" compared to previous years, said Jon Maroney, a general partner at Oregon Venture Fund, which sponsored Pitchfest.

PitchfestNW 2019. (Sam Gehrke)
PitchfestNW 2019. (Sam Gehrke)

The other nine of the 10 finalists were: