Built Oregon Announces Which Local Startups Were Selected in Inaugural Accelerator Program

The Built Accelerator is the nation’s first not-for-profit accelerator program that focuses only on consumer products.

The nonprofit Built Oregon and Portland-based startup accelerator PIE today announced the list of local startups that have been selected to receive mentoring in an inaugural accelerator program.

The Built Accelerator is the nation's first not-for-profit accelerator program that focuses only on consumer products. 15 Oregon-based startups were selected to receive support and mentoring from industry experts.

The Portland companies on the list are: Goodwell Co. (the self-powered vibrating toothbrush company that won PitchfestNW) Bitter Housewife, Deadstock Coffee, Ma Wovens, Pan's Mushroom Jerky, Roons, Spaceman, TEADORA, TREW and Velomacchi.

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There is no capital investment involved in the program, but there is no charge of cash or equity for participating companies.

"We resolutely believe that Oregon can become the focal point for consumer products in the United States," Mitch Daugherty, cofounder and board chair of Built Oregon, said in a statement. "but that will only happen by effectively tapping into the existing knowledge and people who have built household brands for the benefit of the next generation of great brands in our state."

The new accelerator program is a partnership with PIE, a coworking and event space that serves as an accelerator for accelerators and strives to help established organizations "more effectively collaborate with the Portland, Oregon, startup community in mutually beneficial ways."

"By expanding the diversity of founders and companies we're helping, the potential for those serendipitous moments within the PIE family will increase exponentially," Rick Turoczy, cofounder and general manager of PIE, said in a statement, "and that's good for everyone."