[SINGER-SONGWRITER] Into the Depths, the sophomore release by Portland singer-songwriter Karyn Ann Patridge, shows considerable growth from her confident but uneven debut, 2013'€™s Accept Uncertainty. Patridge accompanies herself on piano and guitar, bringing varied textures to her songwriting. Sturdy and elastic, her voice best recalls Patty Griffin'€™s emphatic, empathic singing, with a touch of Bonnie Raitt'€™s sultrier vibe. It doesn'€™t seem like she'€™s consciously emulating those artists—she just might have the chops to one day join their ranks. Opener "Best Intentions"€ enters with brightly strummed acoustic guitar and skillfully recorded vocals, and producer Mark Bowden adds tasteful electric guitar lines that match Patridge'€™s eloquent singing. Then, after a piano-vocal intro, the album'€™s title song bursts into expansive, full-band production with a warm Tapestry vibe—a lush soundscape she hasn'€™t explored before. When the album moves back into sparer textures, it feels slightly like retrenchment. There's no drop-off in quality, but once she'€™s unveiled that large, full-color canvas, the more modest numbers seem like sketches by comparison. Perhaps this will prove a transitional collection, and Patridge will move further into the depths of more developed production next time out. Whatever path she chooses will be one worth following. JEFF ROSENBERG.

SEE IT: Karyn Ann plays the Secret Society, 116 NE Russell St., with Stephanie Scelza and Pretty Gritty, on Sunday, Sept. 20. 8 pm. $10. 21+.