It's been two years since Oregon legalized weed. The initial thrills and highs have given way to a burgeoning green economy. Where do we go beyond new strains and dispensaries? And where can we pitch our "Uber but for weed" idea? Well, folks, that's why Portland is hosting the third annual Cannabis Collaborative Conference at the Portland Expo Center on Feb. 15-16.

The CCC is a two-day conference that emphasis the business (and networking) side of this growing industry. Men's Wearhouse founder and current Generation Tux CEO George Zimmer—you know, the "You're gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it" guy—will deliver the keynote address. Other speakers include Cy Scott, co-founder of Leafly; Sara Batterby of Hifi Farms; and cannabis economist Beau Whitney, co-author of the Oregon Cannabis Jobs Report.

Perhaps of most interest to this city's young marijuantrepeneurs is the CCC Pitch Portal. Say you have a great idea but aren't sure how to find investors or business partners to go in on the venture? This is for you. At the Pitch Portal, you can meet these people. You can pitch your idea. You can communicate with them prior to, onsite, and post-conference via the newly launched CCC 3.0 mobile app.

Weed is evolving from a way of life into a fast-growing industry. More and more states are following the West Coast's lead in legalizing this magic herb. The CCC is about increasing your understanding and awareness of the business side of the movement. Live, laugh and learn with the people leading the charge. Hell, you might just find a way to turn your hobby into a source of income along the way.

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