The Federal Election Committee has demanded a change of name from the Portland-based political action committee formerly known as "Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC."

Portland political organizer Henry Kraemer registered Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC with the FEC on March 7.

In a letter first reported by political news site The Hill this morning, the FEC took issue with the name—because it uses Donald Trump's name without his approval.

"Your committee's name includes the name of a candidate; however, your committee does not appear to be an authorized committee of that candidate," the FEC wrote.

According to the letter, failure to respond promptly with a new name could result in "audit or other enforced action."

Kraemer says he filed new paperwork with the FEC this morning. "Unlike tiny-handed fraud Donald Trump, we have respect for America's laws."

He tells WW he is undaunted.

"Did Donald Trump pray for this day with his little baby hands?" Kraemer says. "Absolutely. Will it stop us? No! We are now Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands."