I Wore a "Never Trump" T-Shirt at the GOP Convention, and All I Got Was This Sense of Loss

This is Norm Frink's diary of a week in Cleveland.

Norm Frink isn't voting for Donald Trump. Not even after a week at the Republican National Convention.

Frink, former Multnomah County chief deputy district attorney, attended the GOP convention in Cleveland this month as an alternate delegate—and a walking opposition billboard. As WW reported on Wednesday, Frink wore a series of "Never Trump" T-shirts on the convention floor.

"The majority of Trump people, there was no response," Frink says. "I had a lot of people, who weren't Trump people, who would give me a thumbs-up or say, 'That's great,' but I'd notice they weren't wearing anything that was associated with #NeverTrump."

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Frink's sartorial protest places him squarely within a trend of Oregon convention delegates voicing their dissatisfaction with a major party nominee. (About half of Oregon's Democratic Party delegates walked out of Hillary Rodham Clinton's acceptance speech Thursday.)

Frink did more than wear the shirts. He also kept a running Facebook diary of his time in Trump territory. He has authorized WW to display it here, as an account of disillusionment. We've redacted the names of most commenters.