Federal Evidence Against Ammon Bundy Includes His Own Facebook Page

Other exhibits in the upcoming trial: The words written on the Bundy posse's gun magazines.

The U.S. government is using Ammon Bundy's Facebook page against him.

On July 29, federal prosecutors outlined their case against Bundy and eight co-defendants accused of illegally seizing the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Eastern Oregon. They also released their list of evidence: 674 exhibits the feds plan to present at a Sept. 7 trial in Portland.

What's striking is how much of the case hinges on the occupiers' own publicity efforts, from interviews to Facebook posts to signs posted at the refuge. "The government's case will rest in part upon speech that incited imminent lawless action," writes U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams.

Here are five such exhibits.

Exhibit 21

Ryan Bundy interview with OPB.

Exhibit 57

Facebook messages and photos—Ammon Bundy's account.

Exhibit 186

Physical evidence—general—one large sign, 5'x8': "Rebellion to Tyrants Is Obedience to God" originally nailed on south wall.

Exhibit 272

Physical evidence—guns—five empty magazines with rifle. Written on the magazines are the phrases: "Bye Bye Fed 4 LV," "RIP Lavoy Finicum 1-26-16 WAR," "Brains & Blood," "Arch Angel 1 Angel of."

Exhibit 617

Video—Ammon Bundy press conference 1/14/16.