[STONED PUNK] With the release of their fifth studio album, Human Performance, in April, Brooklyn's Parquet Courts have proven again that their vinegary marinade of unflinching energy, rock snarl and stoner poetry makes them one of the best rock bands around today. Onstage, vocalists Andrew Savage and Austin Brown are firecrackers, exploding youthful energy in their ability to scream lightning-fast lyrics and jump up and down like frantic toddlers, all while managing to maintain an air of unapologetic, razor-sharp cool. The Courts' second album, 2012's Light Up Gold, is full of New York stories oozing with briny specificity. On Human Performance, they've kept the bite but also added a certain nostalgic smokiness redolent of their Texas roots—Jeff Tweedy is even featured on the album. Expect a playful snarl and uncompromising wit, and prepare your throat for yelling.

Parquet Courts play Sunday at 4 pm.

(Amy Churchwell)