At yet another sold-out show for what has quickly become the class act of Portland metal, Red Fang returned home Dec. 17 to play for a crowd at Wonder Ballroom ornamented in Ray-Bans, stiff-looking denim jackets ironed with fresh patches, myriad facial mods and thick winter beards—and the Levi's-clad hoard was not let down.

Following sets from sludge monstrosity Whores and stoner-droners Torche, the quartet ripped into recent fan favorites like "Blood Like Cream" and "Malverde" and continued weaving in and out with a clever mix of new tunes from its recent album, Only Ghosts, which Red Fang has been touring behind since October. Saturday night's show was the homecoming after a 26-show, coast-to-coast whirlwind in 30 days.

A mosh pit of hipsters and old-school rockers alike only climbed in intensity until the band's classic finale of "Prehistoric Dog." The floor creaked beneath the climax of beer-stained Vans and Dr. Martens. The band members waved, throwing any sticks, picks and thanks they had in a genuine gesture of gratitude as they closed the cathartic show. Welcome home, boys. Welcome home.

All photos by Henry Cromett.