Years DJing: I started collecting records in 1998 and began DJing club residencies in 2002. My friends back then said that was too quick of a transition—back then, the norm was five to 10 years DJing in the basement, perfecting your craft, before you dare step into a club. Times have changed a bit since then.

Genre: Modern-, electro- and boogie-funk, '90s R&B, West Coast rap and club slaps on the weekend.

Where you can catch me regularly: At #OnTheOneTues, my five-year-running weekly dedicated to funk, every Tuesday at Swift Lounge; last Thursday at Century for Return of the Mack, a night of '90s R&B and West Coast classics; and every Friday and Saturday at Vault Martini, mixing up club classics from the past 20 years.

Craziest gig: I can't speak about anything crazy without putting reputable people on blast, but a fun one that comes to mind is the time I was DJing an underground hip-hop show and saw Shock G from Digital Underground sitting at the bar. We called him up onstage and he performed "Same Song."

My go-to records: Tuxedo, "Number One"; Thundercat, "Oh Sheit It's X"; Anderson Paak featuring Sir, "Already"; Dam-Funk, "The Sky Is Ours"; Cassie, "Me & U"; One Way, "Cutie Pie."

Don't ever ask me to play…: Any song while I'm in the middle of a mix. If you see me cutting in a record and fading a song out, take a knee.

NEXT GIG: DJ Gwizski spins at Vault Martini, 226 NW 12th Ave., on Friday, March 10.