Stanko Radikon was a giant of wine. Known for making wines with extended grape-skin contact—orange wine—at his family's winery in the far northeast of Italy, near the Slovenian border, Radikon helped inspire countless winemakers around the world to experiment with this style. If you've ever tried an orange wine and marveled at its deep, compelling weirdness, pour a little out for Radikon, who died last September at age 62.

Here in Oregon, noted Cameron Winery winemaker John Paul has authored a loving tribute to Radikon in the form of Cameron's Rouge de Gris, made from pinot gris grapes grown at Cameron's Abbey Ridge vineyard.

The wine first appears off-red, then orange, then glowing amber, a mercurial little splash with tons of savory umami notes paired next to zippy cranberries, creamy butterscotch, fresh flowers and cannabis tincture. It is deeply complex, a zooming symphony of a wine, and a fitting Oregon tribute to Radikon the legend.