We Made Weed Butter Using a New Machine Specifically Designed for “Herbal” Infusions

Basically, it’s part Crock-Pot, part blender.

Here's a well-known secret: Most recipes for edibles just use weed butter.

Once you have butter infused with decarboxylated cannabis, you just substitute it for regular butter in any recipe, and you have an edible.

The downside is the process. Making your own weed butter is time-consuming. If simmering in a pan, it takes two to three hours. In a Crock-Pot, it takes up to a full day. If you're a high schooler and your parents are out of town, sitting at home for three hours and watching a pan might be worth it. Oh, but the smell—it lingers for a long time.

Of course, making your own edibles isn't necessary thanks to legal weed. Dispensaries pack an abundance of edibles that include everything from ice cream to cake pops. But those products are rarely cheap.

This brings us to the Magical Butter machine ($174), which is billed as "the world's first countertop Botanical Extractor™."

Basically, it's part Crock-Pot, part blender, designed for infusing the essence of healthy herbs into butter, oil, lotions or tinctures. The best thing about the Magical Butter machine is that you can use it to infuse any herb, so it's not just for cannabis. You can make bug repellent, lotions, shampoos, rosemary olive oil and whatever else you'd otherwise pick up at Saturday Market.

It also offers a very easy way to make your own cannabis butter.

To make your own, just add one cup of butter for every 7 to 14 grams of marijuana and one tablespoon of lecithin. You simply place it all in the machine, set the temperature to 200 degrees for two hours and push a button.

While it doesn't emit any intense smells, make sure to place it somewhere away from people, as a blending noise comes on every few minutes. After the two hours, we opened the machine to some gooey, brown syrup and poured the mixture into a rubber cookie tray shaped like sticks of butter (sold separately) and let it sit. It will harden in a few hours, but you'll need to refrigerate it to really get the butter consistency.

If you're a purist or trying to start your own edible company, we recommend you use the filter bag ($12.95) to filter out all the leftover stems and gunk. But if you're just trying to make an updated version of pot brownies, just dumping the concoction into the molds will do.

Once you remove the butter, you can set it to the "car wash" function, where it'll automatically clean itself.

Then, just follow any recipe you want, replacing the regular butter with your new weedy butter.