Strain Review: Tangelo Haze by Scissortail Farms

Tangelo Haze offers a complex interplay between citrus and lavender, with roller coaster effects spanning the indica-sativa spectrum.

Strain: Tangelo Haze
Parentage: Obama Kush x Tangerine Haze
Breeder: Scissortail Farms
Grower: Scissortail Farms
Cannabinoid Content: 18% THC

Backstory: "Happy accident" is the phrase Scissortail Farms owner and operator Teran Wilson uses to describe the creation of his Tangelo Haze—a proprietary cross of Obama Kush and Tangerine Haze that came to be when the two were neighbors in a flower room and the latter produced hermaphroditic pollen sacks, impregnating the nominally presidential OG. At present, Wilson doesn't have any future plans to tinker with cannabis genetics. "I'm an unintentional breeder," he says. Nonetheless, he's rightfully pleased with the blood-orange-scented flowers he never asked for.

Scent: At the nose, Tangelo Haze is all sour blood oranges served over Fruit Loops. Lemon Drops stored in a Penicillin bottle. Citrus cleaning products spritzed over floral arrangements.

Flavor: Once your taste buds become accustomed to the intense citrus start, musky lavender is close behind, followed by a distant, peppery pine. Like a soap opera for your mouth, Tangelo tells a lot of stories at once.

High: Tangelo Haze is a roller coaster. And when I say roller coaster, I don't mean to suggest hair-raising potency. Rather, I hope to evoke the strain's multifaceted, up-and-down effects: an energetic, creative headspace that crests to cheerful daydreams and decelerates to a sleepy, soothing finish.

Why it stands out: For me, Tangelo's appeal boils down to its uncommon terpene profile, which is composed of high concentrations of limonene, beta caryophyllene and linalool in nearly equal parts. It's rare to find limonene and linalool sharing the lead—resulting in the complex interplay between citrus and lavender, as well as the speedball balance between stimulant and sedative, spanning the indica-sativa spectrum.

Who it's for: Tangelo Haze will no doubt attract fans of citrus weed (if that's you, think a more nuanced version of Tangie). But it's also an apt choice for seasoned smokers who seek a deviation from the en vogue OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookie crosses of the day. While Tangelo Haze offers both sensory and psychoactive depth, it's relatively moderate in the potency department, rendering it a solid option for social sessions and creative activities.