Distance: 29.5 miles

Difficulty: Dirty Boots

Directions to the Mountain View Drive: From Lake Simtustus, head south along Northwest Pelton Dam Road, following signs for the Cove Palisades State Park to reach Mountain View Drive.

For those who prefer to get out of the car and onto a bicycle, there's nothing quite like the Madras Mountain Views Scenic Bikeway. The nearly 30-mile loop officially begins at Sahalee Park (Southeast 7th and C streets, Madras), but you can start anywhere you choose. So why not get to the good stuff right away? During most of the ride, you'll be staring at a jagged row of impressive peaks like Jefferson, Bachelor and the Three Sisters, but they're especially pronounced in the Mountain View Drive stretch. Additionally, a few viewpoints allow you to pedal to the edge of a deep basalt canyon, revealing sprawling Lake Billy Chinook. NICOLE VULCAN.