A new report published by the W. Haywood Burns Institute on Nov. 25 shows rising racial and ethnic disparities in Multnomah County prosecution and incarceration rates.

The report shows that black adults are over four and a half times more likely than whites to have a case reviewed by the court, to have a prosecution and to be convicted.

The report compares the racial disparity of jail bookings based on type of offense: black adults in Multnomah County are 4.6 times more likely than white adults to get jail time for a misdemeanor, and 4.7 times more likely to get jail time for a felony offense.

Bobbin Singh, Executive Director of the Oregon Justice Resource Center, says he's "disturbed by the lack of will and urgency around the issue of race discrimination and structural racism." He adds: "Unless we actually talk about the root causes and how our system treats people and why it was created, we'll always see these disparities."