HUD’s Annual Snapshot of Homelessness in America Shows Oregon’s Total Increased By 9.7 Percent Since 2018

The annual study's numbers are sourced from a one-night inventory taken each January. Oregon had the eighth steepest state increase in homelessness this year.

New data from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development taken from a forthcoming annual report on homelessness in America shows that the number of people classified as homeless has increased by 2.7 percent nationally since 2018.

California saw the biggest increase, with a 16.4 percent spike in homelessness since 2018, according to the department's summary of the report.

But Oregon wasn't far behind, reporting a 9.7 percent increase in homelessness since 2018—the eighth highest increase across states.

The annual report is based on an inventory of individuals experiencing homelessness across the nation on a single night in January, captured by a coalition of homeless services and agencies that calculate the number of people affected.

Not all the news is bleak: 29 states reported declines since last year, while 21 states reported increased numbers

Among the bright spots nationally are a 2.1 percent decline in veterans experiencing homelessness and a 5 percent decline in families with children who experienced homelessness.

But chronic homelessness, defined as people who are cycled in and out of shelters over a number of years, increased by 8.5 percent since last year.