Judge Allegedly Aids Escape

Judge Monica Herranz faced a moment of truth, and she stepped up  ["The Great Escape," WW, March 1, 2017].

I admire her and applaud her humanity. As we know only too well, sometimes the higher good comes from obeying your conscience and defying the law.


The role of judges is to make well-reasoned judicial decisions based on the law as written, not to point out when the law is unjust. A judge makes a decision that is subject to review by higher courts.

What a judge doesn't do is assist a suspect to escape justice. If he or she does that, then it is time for disbarment and criminal charges.

—Johnathan Swift Jr.

The law has always included a large component of discretion in both its interpretation and application.

The law is a human endeavor, and as such, is not simply black and white.

It is completely fair to debate whether the discretion applied in this case was appropriate, but to simply say discretion should not be a part of the equation is naive.


Flip Sides of Burger Madness

I'm digging this! ["Burger Madness," WW, March 1, 2017.] The bracket format is way cooler than a boring ol' poll.

Cue the anti-burger people, and don't forget to sound off about how superior you are for not eating them. We all care so much.


People get the idea we're a bunch of healthy, vegan, environmentalist hipsters here in Portland. Turns out we totally disregard the environmental impact of the meat industry, participate in the slaughter of cows and pigs, and stuff our faces with burgers that cause heart disease.

Thank you for all your artery-clogging work!

—Susan Hashem

Oregon Zoo's Decision to Put Down Packy

All euthanasia decisions at the Oregon Zoo now need to be put under a microscope ["The Packy Papers," WW, March 1, 2017]. Elephants can live a long time with tuberculosis. But zoo management and Metro can prove fatal to them.

—Courtney Scott

If Oregon Zoo officials truly put Packy down because they did not want to risk infecting other elephants (or people), why did they not even consider placing Packy at PAWS sanctuary in California?


PPS's record-setting bond

I feel like I'm still paying for the last Portland Public Schools bond on my tax bill ["Playing Bond," WW, March 1, 2017]. PPS needs an overhaul, but I'm not sure how much money or even if money can fix it.

The district needs to stop paying people who are not doing their jobs well, shrink the administration and get working.


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