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Mayoral Madness: Dorothy McCullough Lee Regional


It's Day Three of the most important political contest of our time.

As we look at the trends in this bracket, named after the unsinkable Dorothy McCullough Lee, we note simply that the winner will have to court that coveted voting demographic, the gay sports-talk radio listener.

Remember that voting is still open in the Vera Katz and Bud Clark regionals, and will be until 8 pm Monday. The final bracket opens tomorrow, and we'll remind you Monday. The full bracket is here. You cannot vote by mail.


1. Gus Van Sant, Filmmaking legend
16. Rusty Nails, Old-school clown

If you want a mayor who repped Portland when Portland wasn't cool, you could do worse than Van Sant, who was filming street kids in Chapman and Lownsdale Squares two decades before Occupy camped out. Rusty has equal cred—he was the Matt Groening's gentle-natured inspiration for Krusty the Clown—though his career hasn't taken off in quite the same way.

8. Kim Boyce, Beard-winning baker
9. Phil Geffner, Pizza mensch

Boyce moved to Portland in 2010, and her cookbook immediately won a James Beard award (Oscars of food, yo). She opened the whole-grain pastry destination Bakeshop on Northeast Sandy Boulevard. Geffner has run Escape From New York Pizza on Northwest 23rd Avenue for nearly 30 years. We could bill this as some kind of generational gluten-lovers' quarrel, but we think they should be great friends.

5. China Forbes, Pink Martini singer
12. Max Records, Where the Wild Things Are kid

Hard to wager on this one: Forbes' year of absence might make hearts grow fonder, or 14-year-old Records could follow the Reagan path and parlay acting into a political career.

4. Todd Haynes, Transgressive director
13. “Working” Kirk Reeves, Mouse-eared trumpeter

On Haynes' resume: Poison, Far From Heaven, Mildred Pierce, I'm Not There. On Working Kirk's resume: Playing the trumpet so impressively he snarls bridge traffic. The one place Kirk cannot be found: Twitter. He's not there.

6. Ndamukong Suh, Detroit Lions defensive driver
11. Micaela Capelle, University of Portland soccer star

The pride of Grant High School athletics, NFL star Suh would've been seeded higher if not for that stretch last fall when he couldn't stop smashing into things. Capelle is primed for an upset as the athlete without baggage—except the bags she's packed to travel to the Women's World Cup on the U.S. National Team—but do enough people know who she is?

3. John Canzano, Bald-faced columnist
14. Anna Canzano, KATU investigator

This might be our favorite matchup: Husband vs. wife, TV vs. radio, sitting at a desk vs. sitting at a desk. No holds barred. It's like that Tracy/Hepburn movie Woman of the Year, if Spencer Tracy were a lot balder.

7. Byron Beck, Radio provocateur
10. Stephen Marc Beaudoin, PHAME Academy director

Two of PDX's loudest, proudest gay men. All the gossip in town goes through Beck (he's got a potentially stunning radio show), all the non-profits have hired Beaudoin (he's running an awesome stage show for adults with developmental disabilities). They both used to be in our office. We miss them.

2. Chuck Palahniuk, Fugitive and refugee
15. John Schroder, Saturday Market Elvis

Palahniuk writes about the old, weird Portland. Elvis is the old, weird Portland. Maybe Palahniuk is too (he wrote effing Fight Club, after all), but we have never heard Chuck sing. We feel confident he could be elected mayor just by releasing a music video. Hint, hint.

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