Day 22 of our month-long ice cream feast, we're eating the bougiest of frozen confections in the bougiest neighborhood.

Via Delizia
1105 NW Marshall St., 225-9300,

Price per scoop: $2.75 
Most popular flavor:
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The first time I tried to sample the gelato at the Pearl District's Via Delizia, I was told by the owner, Alex Aginsky, that their freezer was broken and to try back later.

"Maybe Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday..." he said, in what would be a terrifyingly Godfather-like Italian accent if he weren't such a nice guy. 

It turned out to be Friday, but the wait was worth it.

A case full of gelato greets patrons upon entering, and as every flavor looks both unusual and delicious, it's the kind of case that leaves you indecisive in the best kind of way. I maintain that the only necessary test of service quality at any ice cream shop is whether customers are gently guided through the sampling process or made to feel like dessert-unworthy scum for holding up non-existent lines, but this server allowed us to take our time and even encouraged us to stay as long as we wanted. 

We finally settled on the salted caramel, Nutella and iced tea. Each was airless and just a little melty, as gelato should be, though the tea didn't quite bowl us over with flavor. The salted caramel, on the other hand, was like a frosty version of the Werther's candies my own Mediterranean grandmother used to keep in every one of her crystal coffee table dishes. The Nutella was another stand-out, being richer and darker, and less saccharine, than the spread.

And with at least another 20 flavors to try coming in and out of rotation, I wouldn't mind going back on Monday or Tuesday, or really any day of the week.

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