“Scariest: Angry White Male,” From Our Oct. 30, 1996 Edition

You might remember Jim Goad as the publisher of the bilious 'zine Answer Me!—one issue in praise of rape caused a well-publicized lawsuit. Goad can now add another notch to his ammo belt. Next spring, Simon and Schuster will release his full-length effort The Redneck Manifesto, which advance publicity calls a "brilliantly reasoned book that he hopes will raise the conscience of a nation."

Goad isn't just Portland's version of Jeff Foxworthy, however. One listen to "Let's Hear it for Violence Towards Women," Goad's contribution to the recent CD Hatesville (conceived by Denver's scariest angry white male, Boyd Rice), is enough to convince you that he's more than just another Bubba. To background sounds of stomping boots and female moaning, Goad delivers—with no discernible irony—lines like "Your fists are a judge's gavels. When she's in contempt, pound down on her till there's order in the court. Make her pay for being a woman."

Jim Goad, like everybody else, has a right to publish his opinions; what's really scary is that anyone would want to read them.

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