This Guy Is Still Trying to Save Portland From Hell

Jake Zimmermann is still on his tireless quest to rescue our beautiful city from the depths of hell.

Jake Zimmermann is still on his tireless quest to rescue our beautiful city from the depths of hell.

Also known as William Perkins, Jake can be seen everywhere from Saturday Market to the street corners of 82nd Avenue, holding signs and handing out fliers for sex toy exchanges and the like. He's also responsible for some posters you may have seen spreading the good word of Trump as Jesus and Rambo around the city. It's a thankless job, but luckily for you sinners, Jake has the free time and access to his parents' printer and ink to make it happen.

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WW: Last time we spoke you said you were using Save Portland From Hell to raise awareness of mental illness. Is this still the intention or has it changed?

Perkins: It's changed. I use SPFH as a tool to protest the bullshit I see around me. It's nothing more than a response to conservative evangelicals. All I do is take what I see and push it to the extreme. Hopefully, this gets people to think, laugh, and learn to not take themselves so seriously. Some people like to shoot hoops. I like to dress up as Jake and "save Portland from hell". It's how I connect with the world. And it helps me stay sane and sober.

I've noticed you began including real church logos on your fliers. How do you select the church?

Only conservative Baptist churches.

Have any of the churches got upset with you or threatened legal action?

A: One time Greater Portland Baptist Church sent me a Cease and Desist letter because I used their logo and contact info on my "Masturbation Prevention Guidelines". Another time I was outside the convention center passing out my "Fund our Mission Trip to Maui" fliers. I handed one to pastor Chuck O'Neal from Beaverton Grace Bible Church and he became upset because the flier included his church logo and contact info. He threatened to sue me, called the cops, and began filming me. It seemed like unnecessary drama so I ran off. But I was out of shape and he wasn't.

Did you stop using their logos after that?

I didn't use Greater Portland Baptist logo again because of the Cease and Desist. I don't want to harass anyone so if the church is cool I'll back off. But I still use Beaverton Grace Bible Church on my fliers because fuck them—they're constantly threatening people. Plus, they never once asked me to stop which makes me wonder if they like it. They probably see any inquiries regarding my fliers as an opportunity to evangelize or something.

Which flier got the best reaction?

Definitely my "Censor the Naked Bike Ride" flier and my "Sex-Toy Exchange" flier.

Have you gotten any sex toys exchanged? What do you do with them?

The flier suggests mailing in or dropping off sex-toys to Beaverton Grace Bible Church so you'd have to ask them.

Are you concerned a church may sue you?

Nah, my buddy Blaze said not to worry because I'm protected under satire.

What about Donald Trump. I've seen your posters with a photo-shopped image of Trump's face onto a pic of Rambo holding a rocket launcher. On the bottom corner it says that Trump approved and funded the posters. Are you worried Trump may sue you?

Getting sued by Trump is actually one of my goals. I think it'd be kinda fun, going to court and stuff.

Does printing out all these posters and fliers get expensive?

Yes, that's why I use my parents' printer.

What are you working on now?

I'm protesting public-shaming by standing on SE 82nd Ave while holding a sign that says, "MY MOM CAUGHT ME WATCHING PORN ON HER COMPUTER AND THIS IS MY PUNISHMENT."

What reactions have you gotten from people while protesting public shaming?

A lot of people took pictures and video. One guy brought me a Gatorade, another guy called my mom a "bitch," and some teenage kid asked me how old I was. I told the kid I was "thirty-seven." He laughed at me.

Do you have any thing planned for the future? Any ways for people to get involved in the SPFH mission?

I wrote a novella that no one will publish. Also, in regards to SPFH, I'm always keeping my eyes open for opportunities. And if you really want to show your support for SPFH you can mail-in or drop off your sex toys to Beaverton Grace Bible Church.

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