Chuck Klosterman Moved to Portland This Month

Expect your Portland life vivisected.

Chuck Klosterman, pop-culture obsessive and author of 11 books including Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs and former Ethicist columnist for the New York Times, writer for Esquire and GQ and Grantland (R.I.P.), moved to Portland this month.

Klosterman's entree to Portland was an offhand reveal during the September 5 announcement of the 103 authors that would be appearing at the Wordstock book festival on November 11. He was introduced as our newest Portlander.

This follows up on a tweet this in May that he was trucking off to Oregon.

This tweet seems to imply that the subject of the new book is Oregon related, but the Twitter bio for Klosterman's wife, former Vice producer and Vulture co-founder Melissa Maerz, also lists a new job at Wieden and Kennedy.

Expect the trivial particulars of your Portland life vivisected, I suppose.

Before appearing at Wordstock, Klosterman will appear on live radio show Live Wire tomorrow, September 7, at the Alberta Rose Theatre. (Tickets are still available.)

In the meantime, here's a short, defiantly incomplete biography of new Portlander Chuck Klosterman by a former intern who used to sit at his desk.

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