In what's either another addition to Portland's "let's put alcohol everywhere" ethos or a sign of the times for small, independent businesses, one of the city's more serious bookstores will soon sell beer and wine along with some of the rarest books in town.

Mother Foucault's on Southeast Morrison plans to add a small cafe to back of the store. Owner Craig Florence admits that the decision to add another revenue stream to his business was partly motivated by shifting financial tides.

"It's something I held off on for a long time," he says, "but I'm pretty excited about it now."

Mother Foucault's opened in 2011 and earned a reputation among local bookworms for its high-level of curation. The shop also hosts various literary events and occasional concerts.

Florence says the new beverage operation is "really small potatoes." He's been talking to a few wine distributors, and hopes to collaborate with a local brewery on a special edition beer. Florence is also planning to expand the store's hours.

He hopes to get the cafe up and running by June.