"I guess it's more opportunity to wear hoodies and jackets. If that's your style then this is your season."

"I'm here on a weekend trip, so I can't really say what the best thing about it would be. I can say, though, that it hasn't been especially helpful during the trip."

"Just the word "sad." I know it wouldn't be so beautiful here without it, but still "sad."

"I love the rain. I never get to see it 'cause I live in LA. It's cleansing with a little bit of irony."

"Everything feels really clean, like there's a new chance for things to start getting better."

"My immediate reaction would be so I can ruin a pair of shoes that I've been wearing for too long and aren't rain-friendly, haha. I love the rain, though."

(Sam Gehrke)
(Sam Gehrke)

"(Hailee) I can once again listen to the Cure and feel at home again." (Ian) "I can listen to the Cure and— " (Hailee interrupts) "That's exactly what I said!" (Ian) "Well, I guess it's a good thing we just got married!"