"Deportation in our country is cruel and unusual. From the children we see alone without their families to immigrants who have been Americanized being deported to a country they are unfamiliar with. When I think about it from a Korean perspective, I have no idea what I'd do if all of a sudden I had to go back."

"Bottom line: Separating families at the border is wrong. Occupy ICE is definitely making a statement, but I believe that sometimes the ways in which things like it are handled leave no room for a dialogue."

"The Occupy movement is a positive way to get a message across. It promotes action through nonviolence, which is important in an age where police brutality is so commonplace and protesters are portrayed in a negative light."

"While I do believe people should come into the country correctly, I also understand that we have it good here, or at least better than some places. If I was fighting to survive, I would probably think that America was one of my few options. I think it's cool that people are stepping up to interrupt ICE."

"I'm originally from Germany, visiting here from Toronto, Canada. I support Occupy ICE. The thing that hits me is seeing immigrant children alone, without anyone to hold them or console them."

"Without being informed to speak on it thoroughly, I know separating families is bad, so I think Occupy ICE is a good thing for now. I think you just have to ask yourself, 'Is this way of handling deportation necessary? Is deportation necessary at all?'"