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Pokémon Go Bar Crawl Announces Its Route

Full lineup TBA. Costumes required.

Pokémon events are popping up like Zubats around town, and while Mount Tabor is a lovely stroll, let's be honest: Games that test your hand-eye-coordination, spatial awareness and tactical skill go best with beer.

Portland's first Pokémon Go Bar Crawl will hit downtown this month. The "dress-up event," created by Apple tech specialist Matthew Reinstadler, is still finalizing its route. So far, Old Town's pimply gaming complex Ground Kontrol and Splash Bar are confirmed. Also Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Good luck finding one locally: Hollywood Vintage might get some for Halloween, but not before then.

Via the internet, a Squirtle costume runs about $20, if you can fit your head into a child's hat. Tattoo sheets are 99 cents, and the Ash Ketchum Hat retails for $1.99. There are also Pikachu balloons and a 6-foot-high wall mural. Have at it.