Judging from the shellshocked ghost town that greeted many early morning commuters today, a good number of Portlanders delayed their trip to work this morning following the election of Donald Trump.

At least one business in Portland made that response official.

Hood River brewery Double Mountain's new Portland taproom and pizza pub on Woodstock Boulevard will be closed all day.

Visitors who stopped in were greeted by a sign on the door saying that "We'll be closed all day to take time to absorb the election results. See you on Thursday."

This does not mean no one will be drinking at Double Mountain today, but there's a password for entry.

On Facebook, Double Mountain brewmaster and co-owner Matt Swihart posted a picture of himself with the very first tanks he ever got as a brewer, and then invited anyone who knows his middle name to come down for a beer today.

He then closed with the somewhat ominous note: "I'm closing shop on this post election day and deciding on our next move." We've reached out for comment, but have not yet received a response.

The brewery did reassure commenters, however, that the closure is just for today.